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www.hydrogen.gov A new site from the US government which provides information on the Department of Energy's Hydrogen Program and which ties together Federal agency activities related to hydrogen.

Energy Future Coalition A broad-based, nonpartisan alliance that seeks to bridge the differences among business, labor, and environmental groups and identify energy policy options with broad political support. The coalition aims to bring about changes in U.S. energy policy to address the economic, security and environmental challenges related to the production and use of fossil fuels with a compelling new vision of the economic opportunities that will be created by the transition to a new energy economy.

The Upper Midwest Hydrogen Initiative is a public-private partnership seeking to harness the region's vast native hydrogen production potential from wind, biomass, hydro, solar and coal resources.

The Florida Hydrogen Initiative is a non-profit corporation comprised of public leaders, university researchers, citizens, and industry representatives that uses grant funded projects to move Florida to the forefront of the nation's hydrogen economy.

www.h2cars.biz Focuses on hydrogen and fuel cell powered automobiles as the driver of the development of the hydrogen economy. It covers automobile manufacturers and new car models in great detail. They offer a free online newsletter as well as a paid print magazine subscription.

www.fuelcelltoday.com A detailed and authoritative source for fuel cell news, commentary, resources and business opportunities. Publishes surveys. Provides a snap shot of the stock prices of publicly traded fuel cell companies.

www.fuelcellmarkets.com A company in the United Kingdom which provides detailed information regarding the research and companies developing hydrogen and fuel cell related technologies in Europe.

FuelCells.org   Provides extensive information on fuel cells and hydrogen. Offers both a career and education center. Has many comprehensive charts and product comparisons as well as interactive maps showing where fuel cells are currently installed and what companies are working on the technology, and what universities offer fuel cell and hydrogen courses.

Hydrogen Now!   is an international organization dedicated to making the hydrogen economy—clean burning hydrogen instead of fossil fuels—a reality for the world. We are composed of global leaders in industry, government, and the scientific community who believe that it is not only possible, but imperative, that hydrogen becomes a principal energy carrier for fueling mankind's needs.

www.cleanair.org Website of the American Hydrogen Association.

U.S. Fuel Cell Council a business association for anyone seeking to foster the commercialization of fuel cells in the United States.

National Fuel Cell Research Center The mission of the NFCRC is to promote and support the genesis of a fuel cell industry by providing technological leadership within a vigorous program of research, development and demonstration. By serving as a locus for academic talent of the highest caliber and a non-profit site for the objective evaluation and improvement of industrial products,

National Energy Technology Laboratory Federally owned and operated, the NETA mission is "We Solve National Energy and Environmental Problems." NETL performs, procures, and partners in technical research, development, and demonstration to advance technology into the commercial marketplace, thereby benefiting the environment, contributing to U.S. employment, and advancing the position of U.S. industries in the global market.

The Illinois Coalition Founded in 1989, the Illinois Coalition is a statewide public-private partnership established to drive Illinois’ economic growth through science and technology.

Fuel Cells Canada is a non-profit, national industry association whose mission it is to accelerate Canada's world-leading fuel cell and hydrogen industry. We are the prime source of services and support to Canadian corporations, educational institutions and business alliances promoting, developing, demonstrating, and deploying fuel cell and related products and services in Canada.

California Hydrogen Business Council A very active business community with some major players.

The US Dept of Energy The Federal Government's website devoted to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Links to all kinds of terrific resources.

 Attention Educators

How do your students envision the future of the Hydrogen Highway?

We welcome essays and pictures from all ages elementary school to graduate school. Our favorites will be posted.

 Our Mission:

• Excite the imagination of the American and world-wide public to envision a future in which the majority of our energy needs are provided by a clean, renewable resource.

• To encourage the support and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology and the infrastructure needed to create a hydrogen-based economy.

•To hasten consumer acceptance of these new technologies because they will result in a better future for us all.

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