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What do you think?

How do you envision the future? What do you think we need to get there?

We welcome your opinions and, with your permission, will post them for our readers.

Why $5 Gas is Good For America Wired Magazine, December, 2005

It Time to Move Past Oil News & Observer, November 25, 2005

It's Past Time to Explore Alternative Energy Sources The Decatur Daily Editorial, April 4, 2005

A Dream for A Future with Alternative Energy by Robert S. Leonard, March 26, 2005

"The Drug Our Society Is Hooked On Is Oil" by Tim Leuliette, January 19, 2005 (PDF)
First, we must find an alternative energy source for national security reasons. Second, we must find an alternative energy source for environmental reasons. And third, we must find an alternative fuel source for fundamental long-term economic reasons. How you rank these reasons is your own concern, but the answer doesn’t change.

Have You Ever Wondered... by Fred A Noyes, October 25, 2004

Breaking Free From Energy Dependence by Mark Clayton, USA Today, October 22, 2004

Where Our Energy Will Come From? by Michael Arndt, Business Week , October 11, 2004

Americans Are Energy Illiterate by Paul Roberts, Boston Globe , July 4, 2004

Flying High On Hydrogen by Rena Pederson, Dallas Morning News , June 8, 2004

A Manhattan Project for A Hydrogen Economy by Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times , May 27, 2004
"There is simply no way to stimulate a process of economic and political reform in the Arab-Muslim world without radically reducing their revenues from oil, thereby forcing these governments to reform their economies, and societies, to produce real jobs for their people."

A Must for Human Survival by J. D. Cohen , May 27, 2004

Fuel for Thought by George Wand, May 18, 2004

Drinking Rocket Fuel? by Paul Harris, May 17, 2004

Manufacturing Hydrogen For Our Clean Energy Future by Joseph David Cohen, May 14, 2004

Vast Energy Stores Waiting to be tapped in the Geothermal Resources of the U.S. by Fred Noyes, May 9, 2004

The Hydrogen Network by Arne Frantzell of The California Aggie, May 5, 2004

Opinions expressed are those of our readers and not necessarily those of HydrogenHighway.com®

 Attention Educators

How do your students envision the future of the Hydrogen Highway?

We welcome essays and pictures from all ages – elementary school to graduate school. Our favorites will be posted.

 Our Mission:

• Excite the imagination of the American and world-wide public to envision a future in which the majority of our energy needs are provided by a clean, renewable resource.

• To encourage the support and development of hydrogen fuel cell technology and the infrastructure needed to create a hydrogen-based economy.

•To hasten consumer acceptance of these new technologies because they will result in a better future for us all.

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